Davao City struggles to cope with Covid vaccine hesitancy


DAVAO CITY—This city continues to struggle in trying to convince more residents to get their Covid-19 jabs as some appeared to have lost their interest on the promise of a more open economy if the city achieves at least the herd immunity number of vaccinated individuals.

The city though was able to vaccinate 127,012 more individuals from the priority sectors three weeks after Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio disclosed that 400,000 residents from these sectors have either refused to get vaccinated, or were unable to avail of it because of work.

This number of unvaccinated residents is deemed crucial to attain the herd protection target of 1.2 million residents, where the number of those who got their first dose currently stood at 843,805 as of October 20. The bulk of the herd immunity was targeted from the number individuals belonging to the priority sectors.

The number of fully vaccinated residents was already catching up with those getting the first dose, and now stood at 727,946. This is 115,859 short of having all those getting the first dose to be fully vaccinated.

The city has already dangled raffle items that included gift certificates at a vaccination site devoted to those who were available only for Covid-19 injections after their work hours. This is offered at the Bakuna Nights at the San Roque Central Elementary School in Barrio Obrero. Four other sites have been opened for special vaccination, such as those who would enter the sites as walk-ins.

The city also allowed seven of its vaccination sites in the first district, four in the second district and seven in the third district to accept walk in vaccines.

The City Council also created its mobile vaccination teams, which have vaccinated 87,874 persons, including inmates. This program was coordinated with the Liga ng mga Barangay and the Barangay Senior Citizens’ Associations.

The City Task Force on Covid-19 has urged unvaccinated residents to avail of the doses and help the local economy open up to more employment and more business activities.

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