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Colegio San Agustin Makati probes fistfight of two Grade 9 students

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An investigation has been launched by the Colegio San Agustin (CSA) in Makati following the fistfight incident involving two Grade 9 students inside the school’s comfort room which has gone viral on social media.

“This is to assure everyone that the school is taking the matter seriously and has since launched an ongoing investigation… The discipline group of the high school department has been convened and has been conducting inquiries and is in direct communication with the students involved and their parents immediately after the incident,” said
CSA-Makati Rector Fr. Dante Bendoy in a statement.

Bendoy said that one of the roaming security guards received a request for assistance from a student to an “alleged incident in the boy’s comfort room on Monday morning.

“The guard who responded found two students who needed medical assistance and was brought immediately to the school clinic. The school has provided the necessary medical assistance to both students,” Bendoy said.

He said the school’s coordinator for campus discipline, safety and security also responded and then found out that it was not an accident but instead, a “fighting incident involving Grade 9 students.”

“The school also received attention on videos and photos of the incident circulating on social media platforms,’ he added.

Meanwhile, Department of Education spokesperson Michael Tan Poa said the department only has “reasonable supervision and regulation over the institution since CSA is a private school.

Poa said the DepEd is already coordinating with CSA on the incident.

“We have instructed our Schools Division Office to coordinate with the subject private school. We were informed that an investigation on the matter is already being conducted,” Poa said when sought for comment.

Poa said the DepEd will continue to monitor the progress of the investigation.

Bendoy said CSA is addressing the incident, adding that the “school does not tolerate or condone violence,” citing the school’s policies and guidelines meant to safeguard students from violence and bullying.

‘Our school’s School Advocating a Friendly Environment Program was launched inm 2008, where activities are geared towards disseminating information on negative consequences of bullying and how to prevent them. These policies are communicated to all students to ensure that they know their rights, duties and responsibilities,” he added.

Republic Act 10627, or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 requires schools to adopt policies and strategies to prevent bullying of any kind and retaliation against any individual who reports such incidents to the authorities.

 “We remind everyone to be mindful of the consequences of sharing videos or photos on social media involving minor students and avoid encouraging more acts of violence,” Bendoy appealed.

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