Clavernons Queue As LGU Starts To Inoculate Pfizer Vaccines


The arrival of Pfizer vaccines last August 7 prompted residents of Claver, Surigao del Norte to fall in line this afternoon at the Claver National High School (CNHS) vaccination site.

Clavernons, comprised by remaining healthcare workers (A1), Overseas Filipino Workers for Reemployment (A1. and frontline essential workers (A4), indigenous peoples, got their first dose of Pfizer vaccines today August 10. More Clavernons are expected to be inoculated on August 12 (Thursday) as LGU Claver expands its coverage of vaccination.

“We considered the statement made by the National Government asking LGUs to be ready in undertaking necessary preparations for the arrival of the Pfizer vaccines. There and then, we immediately procured the freezer using our local funds as it is our duty to bring the vaccines to our people,” said Mayor Georgia Gokiangkee.

The Municipality of Claver is the first municipality to receive the said vaccines after the LGU procured the Ultralow Temperature Freezer, a storage temperature requirement for Pfizer-BioNTech. (RPN DXKS Surigao via original post from LGU Claver)

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