City Government Added Deputized Authorities To Fulfill City Ordinance Against Covid-19


KIDAPAWAN CITY – Violators of City Ordinance Number 20-1309 can now caught violators of SAT (Special Action teams) of Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team, Philippine Army that is included in Task Force Kidapawan and Highway Patrol Group of PNP.

The City Mayor’s Office has already deputized those who are mentioned to catch individuals who are violating minimum health protocols against Covid-19.

They are additional forces to the City PNP barangays, Chief Barangays, and some employees of the City Government who were included in the Covid-19 Compliance Monitoring Team who were first allowed by the City Government to arrest community quarantine violators.

The City Government conducted an orientation regarding the legitimate step of the City Government to the newly deputized ones who are caught.

Acting City Information Officer Atty. Jose Paolo Evangelista and Compliance Monitoring Team Head Janice Garcia where they explained the important legal provisions in the above mentioned catching minimum health protocol violators.

Violations are centered on the following: not wearing face masks, no physical distancing, drinking outside the house, social gatherings, and violating the 9 PM to 5 AM curfew.

The City Government admitted that there are still few who don’t follow what they mentioned and added the number of deputized authorities that will implement minimum health protocols.

When deputized authorities catch violators, they will be advised of the citation ticket that they will be paid to the City Treasurer’s Office.

₱ 500 for first offense, ₱ 1,000 for second offense and ₱ 2, 000 for third offense.

The City Government reminds everyone that the steps mentioned are aiming to protect the possible existence of Covid19 if so and deserve to follow the authority setting.

The neighborhood president of Barangay Poblacion is also planning to whiten violators in their barangay.(CIO / LKRO)


(Source: City Information Office)

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