Calabarzon workers to get P35 to P50 wage increase


A new wage order will be implemented by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in Region IV-A  or Calabarzon with a P35 to P50 wage increase for agriculture, non-agriculture, and retail and service workers.

Issued through Wage Order No. IVA-20, the wage increase ranging from P35 to P50 may largely depend on the geographical area, and will take effect on September 24, according to an advisory released by the Department of Labor and Employment.

Wage in the extended metropolitan area implements a minimum wage of P520 in the non-agriculture, and P479 in the agriculture sector.

The minimum wage in non-agriculture sector in component cities and 1st class municipalities is P479. Meanwhile, the agriculture sector in component cities is P479, and the 1st class municipalities P425.

In the 2nd and 3rd class municipalities, the minimum wage in the non-agriculture sector is P425, and P385 in the agriculture sector.

Both non-agriculture and agriculture sectors in the 4th, 5th and 6th Class Municipalities implement a minimum wage of P385.

A minimum wage of P385 is set for retail and service establishments employing not more than 10 workers in all of Calabarzon.

Agriculture sectors in the cities of Calaca and Carmona received an P89 increase following the reclassification from 1st class municipalities to component cities.

DOLE said that the increase is a result of petitions “filed by various labor groups seeking an increase in the daily minimum wage due to escalating prices of basic goods and commodities.”

“[We] view this increase as a partial recovery, and it is our responsibility to claim it and ensure that all covered workers benefit from it,” said a Nagkaisa Labor Coalition in a statement.