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BSP complaint filed vs BDO on holding back remittance

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A complaint has been filed with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) against BDO Unibank for having withheld the release of a remittance sent to a beneficiary just because he cannot state the birthdate of the remitter from California, United States of America.

Now docketed as CX-2021-0127-001-ENP at the BSP’s Consumer Protection and Market Conduct Office, Pateros senior citizen Hipolito U. Gagni filed the complaint for the denial of the $200 (about P9,614) because of what he said was the additional burden of having to provide the birthdate of the remitter, Alfredo Ruiz Tutaan, even after he has satisfied all the requirements that he is the beneficiary of the said remittance.

“I am filing a complaint against BDO Unibank, specifically its Katipunan Branch where I was denied the money meant for me via remittance that was sent to me and for which I was sent a text message from BDO-Remit informing me of a remittance that was sent to me from California, USA, simply because I cannot provide the birthdate of the remitter,” the letter- complaint said.

According to the complaint, “the incident happened before 4 p.m. of January 26.”

“I was told that I can get the money remitted and converted to P9,614 as per the receipt from the remitter who sent me the same via messenger on my FB [Facebook] page ONLY upon my providing the birthdate of the remitter.”

“The need for the birthdate of the remitter is apparently a requirement that BDO Unibank has set forth for its bank employees concerning the release of the amount remitted. I would like then to file this complaint for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to come out with a Memorandum Circular that would address this additional requirement, an unnecessary burden being imposed for Over-the-Counter satisfaction of the BDO rule that sets an extra layer of burden for a beneficiary of a remittance,” the letter-complaint said.

In the letter-complaint, Gagni said that he has presented one valid ID, his senior citizen ID card that matches the address therein to the receipt that Tutaan sent via messenger that was presented to a bank employee of the said Katipunan branch. Also, he showed his DWIZ ID that again matches the address.

However, the remittance was denied him as he cannot state the birthdate of the remitter. Gagni said he is willing to wait a little longer for the disposal of the letter-complaint as he has already told the remitter that there is a need for what he said “was a clear-cut” rule from the BSP on the matter of remittances.

“The BSP should have a clear-cut circular on this as a beneficiary , who is need of money to, say buy blood for a relative in the hospital, will be denied the remittance because he/she cannot state the birthdate of the remitter,”
he said.

“I am willing to wait a little longer to satisfy my knowledge that this additional burden is a requirement from the Bangko Sentral itself or just that of BDO Unibank. Anyway, the money that I was supposed to receive was to help for the purchase of a printer for a depressed community in San Fabian, Pangasinan, from where I came from, for the printing of the modules for the students of the said locality.”

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