Batac: 2023 Junior Officials conduct special session for youth week celebration


As one of the highlights of the Linggo ng Kabataang SIRIB (LINKS) celebration in the province, the 2023 Junior Officials of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) conducted a Special Session at the Banna Municipal Session Hall, on August 24.

The junior officials’ special session is an initiative by the Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office (INYDO) which aims to simulate the proceedings of a legislative session to give the young participants firsthand experience of the roles and responsibilities of government officials.

The chosen junior officials underwent trainings on legislative writing, parliamentary procedures, and crafting policies on  youth development for the consideration of the Governor, Vice-Governor, and Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

The special session was led by Junior Vice Governor Arvie Jussane D. Calaycay as presiding officer, representing the Hon. Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta Marcos, along with the representatives of other government officials, and Sangguniang Panlalawigan members.

LiNKS was conducted in celebration of the International Youth Day with a theme “Green Skills For Youth: Towards A Sustainable World.” Aside from the junior officials special session, INYDO also held dance showdowns, singing competitions, battle of the bands, and debate cup tournaments as part of its Lingo ng Kabataan celebration.

With the lineup as authorities, INYDO have created opportunities for the Ilokano youth to showcase their incredible talents, skills, and aspirations. LiNKS is a platform for the youth to foster unity, enhance their understanding of the democratic process,  and collaboratively address real-world challenges to help build a better nation.

Junior Governor Josh Rafael S. Fagaragan representing Hon. Matthew J. Marcos Manotoc expressed his gratitude during the event, stating:

“To the people behind the success of these junior officials, I express my utmost gratitude to you all. The detailed workshops, as well as values harvested, have contributed to my holistic development, primarily in leadership skills that will help me maneuver future endeavors.”

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Opportunities that are not only for your own personal success, but for the success of the entire community. Be someone who is willing to help the country and its people,” he added.

PGIN, under the leadership of Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc remains steadfast in its mission to provide a nurturing environment for the holistic development of the youth and promote active participation among them which will contribute to the overall development of the province. (Allyssa Charisse G. Magno)

(Source: Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte)

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