Baguio Covid-19 Tally Rise To 255


There are now 255 residents of Baguio with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after 34 more tested positive based on the report of the Department of Health Cordillera Yesterday.

The death toll rose to seven after it recorded one death yesterday but still the cause of death is under verification.

Due to the increasing number of cases. The local government imposed specific lockdown to almost 35 barangays and puroks for contact tracing purposes.

Most of the new cases had exposure from previous patients and diagnosed as a result of contact tracing and expanded testing.

The total number of recoveries in the mountain resort city also rose to 130.

The city COVID-19 monitoring, recorded 169 active suspects, while there are about 6, 722 locals completing their 14-day quarantine.

At present there are 119 active cases in the city.

Contact tracers work double time to keep tabs on COVID-19 cases and their contacts and prevent the spread of the virus at once.

Analytics showed 80 percent of the recent positive cases are household and worksite contacts who were diagnosed after being contact traced.

Meanwhile, city authorities and owners of grocery stores and supermarkets under the Baguio-Benguet Entrepreneurs and Traders Association agreed to cooperate to pursue the mandatory testing of all grocery workers and set lockdown procedures to follow in the occurrence of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection.

Other percentages of the cases are detected as a result of expanded testing in workplaces frequented by crowd like groceries, malls, market and banks.

Those who came in contact with a confirmed case should follow strict home quarantine for 14 days and should report to health centers if symptoms develop. Home quarantine means separate room and kitchen utensils. Suspected cases should not eat alongside housemates. House should be kept aerated. All members of household must wash hands frequently and observe proper hygiene.
(Joe Manzano/Mischelle Junio/Aileen Refuerzo)


(Source: Department of Health Cordillera)

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