Baguio Closed For Non- Residents


The mayor has given a 48 hour window starting at 8am of March 17 to last until 8am of March 19 for stranded non- residents to leave the city through whatever conveyance they could find and all non- residents of Baguio shall not be allowed entry into the city.

“Those who will fetch their relatives and along this line, special permits from this office will be issued to said persons for the purpose, validity of which shall be for a few hours only and definitely not exceeding 8am of March 19.” One of the guidelines stated.

The Baguio City Police Office issued general guidelines for conduct of Checkpoints / Patrols regarding Covid-19 operations:

  1. on 24 hour curfew. Starting 5am of March 18, we shall be more stringent in checking the purpose of people out and about in our streets. We shall ensure that our citizens shall stay at home, as they had today to take care of their essentials chores. Curfew for critical personnel shall be from 9pm to 5am (REFER TO E.O. 67 CITY OF BAGUIO)
  2. Upon the instructions of the Mayor to address the lack of transportation for critical personnel and workers, SPECIAL PERMITS will also be issued to vehicles to ferry employees of private establishments allowed to operate to and from their places of work and residence.
  3. A special taxi service was also established to cater to those needing emergency medical care. Taxi units are placed on call to address this need and they should strictly adhere to the policy of ferrying only those on Medical emergencies or needing emergency medical checkups. Special Permits were also issued for this purpose.
  4. PUJs will also be deployed as another mode of transport for people going to the market and to work. As agreed during today’s meeting with PBs, Barangays will serve as focal unit for residents requesting public transport.
  5. Medical personnel, health workers and media personnel shall be allowed to move freely within the city. For media personnel, as they are still in the process of getting accreditation from PCOO, their company IDs shall suffice as proof of identity
  6. Except for those stated above, all mass public transport facilities and systems remain suspended.
  7. Movement of Essential goods and services shall at all times remain unhampered.

Additional Directives / Orders from the Mayor shall be posted as soon as issued. Photo credits to PIO Baguio

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