Bacolod Film Festival announces 10 grantees

(Photo courtesy of Bacolod City Public Information Office)

The ten finalists to the Bacolod Film Festival were named in a press conference at the Bacolod City Government Center, where Councilor Em Ang, Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Officer Dr. Frances Mae Llamas, Executive Assistant to the City Mayor’s Office Atty. Marty Go, and BFF Director Seymour Sanchez led the announcement of the filmmakers who will get production grants from the BCGC.

The grantees who will receive P300,000 each, to fund and finish their films are Chelsea Tasic for “A Flower A Day”, Charlene Mae Tupas – “Aninaw”, Juan Carlo Miguel Araullo – “Blind Date”, Georgia Mari Elardo – “Chicken Inasal”, Reginald Amador Zack Verzosa – “Glub”, Mary Pauline Santos – “Laragway sa Karon”, Banjo Hinolan – “Manokan Country”, Willbryan Garcia – “Puli Na, Diche Lesly”, Vincent Joseph Entuna – “Sa Pwesto ni Pistong”, and Oscar Villanueva for “The Mansion”.

In “A Flower A Day,” a young woman finds solace amid the faded charm of a quiet, rundown café. She returns to the café routinely, drawing the attention of an intrigued barista.

Meanwhile, in “Aninaw,” three friends, in pursuit of finding the place where their deepest desires will come true, embark on a journey against the backdrop of an evolving city and their failing memory.

Two savvy social media stars get set up in “Blind Date,” and they struggle to meet up at all. Araullo will produce the short film to be directed by Victor Villanueva.

“Chicken Inasal” is set in 2222 in the cyberpunk city of Bacolod, where a teenager goes through her usual day with her father with no idea that the best surprise of her life was going to happen.

In “Glub,” an outcast who wants to have someone who understands him, meets a person who he thinks would be the one.

An old man aims to win a photography contest to solve his financial challenges in “Laragway sa Karon.” There, he meets a young and spirited photographer – unveiling an unexpected friendship full of colors.

In “Manokan Country,” to be produced by Maria Althea Rose Mauricio, a determined restaurant owner in Bacolod City faces off against a ruthless real estate developer in a high-stakes Chicken Inasal cooking competition to save his family’s eatery and preserve the heart of his community.

“Puli Na, Diche Lesly” is a bittersweet story of family ties and the things we do for love. A successful Filipino-Chinese artist drives home to her hometown of Bacolod for her father’s heart surgery.

In “Sa Pwesto ni Pistong” (The Barber’s Chair), a humble barber navigates a tumultuous era while serving a diverse array of customers including a prominent haciendero and an idealistic nephew.

Finally, in “The Mansion,” a young artist struggling to find inspiration, becomes obsessed with the local legend of the White Lady, leading them to a haunting encounter and a creative awakening.

The grantees are expected to shoot their projects from June to August, and premiere the completed films at the BFF in September at SM Bacolod and Ayala Capitol Central Cinemas. The BFF will also be conducting different activities such as workshops, film screenings, and talkback sessions to be held soon.

(Source: Bacolod City Public Information Office)

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