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Bacolod: Don’t waste money on firecrackers – PHO

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Bacolod City – The Provincial Health Office is leading a campaign for the public to refrain from buying firecrackers, as three firecracker related injuries were recorded in Negros Occidental several days before the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“Instead of buying and wasting your money on firecrackers which are dangerous, it is better to use your money to buy food for the family,” PHO Medical Specialist Dr. Jessica Fama said.

PHO recorded two firecracker related injuries in Bago City, involving a minor and an adult, as well as another victimizing minor in Isabela, all in Negros Occidental.

Fama, however said that compared to the same period last year, they recorded lower cases of firecracker related injuries as of this time.

The firecrackers involved in the injuries were triangulo, whistle bomb, boga and 5-star, which are among the firecrackers banned by the Philippine National Police.

The adult victim of a firecracker related injuries on December 25 was a tricycle driver in Bago City, who had three fingers of his right hand amputated.

Fama said PHO is targeting zero casualty and injuries during the New Year’s Eve revelries. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star (TVDS), photo courtesy of TVDS)

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