Army showcases diverse roles, defense capabilitiesin 126th anniversary exhibit


The Philippine Army showcased its various non-traditional roles and its latest defense assets in an exhibit and static display as part of its 126th year anniversary celebration on Wednesday.

Various units, or PAMUs, put up booths to show the Army’s contributions to nation-building such as humanitarian assistance and disaster response, food security, environmental protection, socioeconomic development, local peace engagement and reserve force development.

They also placed on display command and control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) system that provide situational awareness and a common operating picture to commanders at all echelons of command.

On the other hand, the First Scout Ranger Regiment showcased its capabilities in conducting raids, ambuscades, reconnaissance patrols and direct offensive actions, while the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) highlighted its “tri-service” capabilities in airborne operations, riverine operations and ground operations.”

Ground units put on display the Army’s latest defense assets like the Armor Division’s Sabrah light tank; the Artillery Regiment’s ATMOS 155 self-propelled howitzer, the biggest gun in the Army arsenal today, and the Aviation Regiment’s two Bolkow air ambulances that bolster the Army’s life-saving capabilities for combat-wounded troops.

In his remarks during the anniversary celebration, Army chief Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. highlighted the Army’s non-traditional roles in nation building.

“Then as now, your Army continues to evolve, always in step with the demands of the times. From its humble beginnings as a revolutionary organization formed during the secret meetings of the Katipunan to the present-day agile, credible, and modern force provider to the unified commands of our Armed forces, we remain resolute in our dedication to secure the peace and protect our sovereignty,” Brawner said.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has ordered the Army to be always prepared as he thanked the organization for its contribution to security.

“The Army must always be fully prepared and capable for any contingency, especially considering that you are the country’s last line of defense against any external security threat. Be vigilant against elements that will undermine our hard-earned peace and our hard-earned stability,” Marcos said.

“Through the years, the Philippine Army has shown patriotism and bravery that allowed our country to succeed and thrive in its pursuit of peace, stability, and of democracy. The entire nation is grateful for the many sacrifices our ground troops have made to ensure our internal security,” the President added,