AllDay is ready for shifts in shopping behavior


AllDay Supermarket, the grocery chain of the Villar Group’s AllDay Marts Inc., said Thursday it is ready to deliver the premium shopping experience being sought by local consumers.

AllDay, whose stores are mostly new or renovated, said it was able to capture discerning shoppers who put a premium on their overall shopping experience. It said it placed the supermarket chain in a prime position to benefit from the growing Filipino middle class, a segment of the population that now includes 54.2 million Filipinos in 2020 from just 37.6 million in 2015, according to GlobalData.

“AllDay has always held itself to a global standard as we differentiate ourselves from the local supermarket landscape,” Manuel B. Villar Jr., chairman of AllValue, AllDay’s parent company, said.

“We have always believed that the Filipino deserves to be able to access a global standard of grocery shopping experience, and we believe that by remaining committed to a higher standard, AllDay will continue to enrich this experience for each and every customer.”

In its 2021 scan of consumer trends in the Philippines, Euromonitor International reported that consumers are now looking for more choices and more value tiers, shifting from an inclination to value to a preference for the premium, or the ability to spend on what matters most. It also said that consumers at all income levels are now seeking products, services and experiences that reflect their personal identity.

The Philippine middle class, as identified by Euromonitor International, is quality-conscious, further driving a growing market for premium products, services and experiences. In Euromonitors’ Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyle Surveys 2021, half of Filipino respondents, compared to a global reading of 38 percent, said they prefer to buy fewer but higher quality items.

They are also much more keen to seek out hard-to-find items and prize convenience, with 27 percent of Filipino respondents saying they seek niche brands that are unique while 57 percent percent are willing to pay a premium to save time.

In the same study, 58 percent of the respondents say that they are seeking curated experiences that are tailored to their tastes.

“The market preference shifting to more premium experiences and selections is something we saw in our benchmarking trips in the region as well as in the United States. We welcome this as a challenge, and we believe AllDay is well-prepared,” said Camille Villar, president of AllValue, AllDay’s parent company.

“As we have already established an elevated in-store and online customer experience for the brand, we want to ensure that we remain consistent in the experience we offer, as we believe that this will resonate strongly with a growing Filipino preference for an elevated, premium experience.”

Both the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission gave their green light for the P6.02-billion initial public offering of AllDay, which could be the sixth listing at the Philippine Stock Exchange for the year.

The company will sell some 6.85 billion in common shares as its primary offer and an over-allotment option of 685.71 million shares as its secondary offer. Both will have a par value of P0.10 and will be sold at an indicative price of P0.80 per share.

The final price of the offer is scheduled on October 12, while the start of selling of the shares will be on October 18 to 25. It will be listed at the PSE for trading on November 3.

Net proceeds from the sale could amount to P5.82 billion, which it said will be used for debt repayment, capital expenditures and initial working capital for store network expansion.

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