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Airport GM meets airlineson post-holiday departures

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MANILA International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Cesar Chiong met with representatives from over 30 airline companies operating at the premier NAIA Terminals, with a directive for them to ensure a hassle-free travel at the end of the holidays.

Chiong, who  was accompanied by senior assistant general manager Bryan Co in the meeting, zeroed in on the need to open the check-in counters on time and possibly, even earlier, in order to accommodate the passengers who arrive early at the terminals to avoid traffic.

He noted that based on standard advisories being issued by the airlines, the passengers are told to come to the airport three hours prior to their slated boarding time if they are flying international and two hours for domestic travelers. Because of the holiday crunch, they have even been told to come in earlier than these.

This advice, he said, is useless if the counters do not open to accommodate them early, too.

With the counters opening early, Chiong said that the congestion of passengers in the lobby area will be eased.

It was learned that the airlines pay cheap rates for every counter opened and this, according to Chiong, is nothing compared to the convenience that their passengers will enjoy.

Chiong said he held the meeting in anticipation of the influx of passengers at the end of the holidays early next week.

Thousands of people, he said, are expected to depart once the holidays are over and as such, there is the need to make sure that the processes are not only efficient but also swift.

It is important to let travelers depart with a good lasting impression of their trip so that they can share this with others who may be encouraged to also visit the Philippines. 

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