Agarang pagpasa sa Universal Health Care Bill iginiit sa SONA


Tiniyak ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa mga mamamayan lalo sa mga mahirap na pamilya ang pagbabago sa health care system.

Ayon kay Pangulong Duterte, panahon na upang mabago ang sistema na pawang mahirap na pamilya ang napagkakaitaan ng karapatang makapagpagamot.

Ito anya ang dahilan kaya’t ikinakasa na nila ang pagtatag unified implementation ng “no balance billing policy”.

“We are currently institutionalizing the unified implementation of the “No Balance Billing Policy” through which the government and our private healthcare providers can work out a system that will provide an order of charging of medical expenses.”

“Much needs to be done to improve our healthcare system, which remains highly fragmented, resulting in disparity in health outcomes between the rich and the poor in the urban areas and rural. While investments in health have increased over the years, several policy and operational bottlenecks have constrained universal health care for this country.”

“We shall pool all our resources for health services under the [PhilHealth]; institutionalize primary care as a prerequisite to access higher level of healthcare; and supplement human resource gaps of the LGUs through a National Health Workforce Support System.”

“These will ensure that every Filipino [family] gets the appropriate, affordable, and quality health services in appropriate facilities and will be protected from financial burden due to sickness.”

Samantala, nanawagan naman si Pangulong Duterte sa Kongreso upang agarang ipasa ang Universal Health Care Bill.

“To this end, I urge the speedy passage of the Universal Health Care Bill authored by Former Representative Harry Roque. Strong political determination, not political ambition, is the guiding light.” Pahayag ng Pangulong Duterte