Advice for new ‘PBB’ aspirants


MANY are called but few are chosen when it comes to reality show Pinoy Big Brother.  Now that this famous house in the country will once again open its doors for a new edition, titled Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10, we gathered some past notable housemates to share their tips on how applicants can stand out and possibly be chosen as a housemate.

1. BE AUTHENTIC—‘PBB Season 1’ winner Nene Tamayo: The very first PBB winner said that a surefire way to nail the auditions is to be true to oneself.  Magpakatotoo sa sarili is one the values that is always highlighted inside the PBB house, and is also the same trait that will lead you into becoming an official housemate. “Be authentic, be true to yourself and always give your best,” said “Kumander Nene.” 

2. DON’T BE PA-SHOWBIZ—‘PBB Season 1’s’ Cass Ponti and Say Alonzo, ‘PBB All In’s’ Fifth Solomon and ‘PBB Celebrity Edition 1’ winner Keanna Reeves: There’s no room for pretenders in PBB, according to Say and Cass. They said that one’s true character will surely show in the reality TV program. Reeves echoed their statement, saying that there’s really no point in trying to be someone you’re not just to impress the panel. The best thing to do is to present yourself as you are.  In the words of Solomon, “huwag mo pilitin ’yung parang magda-drama ka. Ipakita mo kung sino ka ’pag mag-isa ka.”

3. DON’T PLAY IT SAFE—‘PBB Teen Edition 4’s’ Joj and Jai Agpangan: Twins Joj and Jai know that PBB auditions are always a blockbuster. They said to stand out from the crowd, avoid playing it safe. Show what you’re capable of and put the spotlight on your uniqueness in the short span of time you’re given.  “Ipakita mo kung ano’ng kaya mo, kung ano ’yung kakaiba sa ’yo. ’Wag safe kasi baka hindi mapansin,” said the ladies from Bacolod.

4. EMBRACE YOUR QUIRKS—‘PBB 737’s’ Dawn Chang and ‘PBB Celebrity Edition 2’s’ Baron Geisler: Leave your insecurities at the door, says Chang. Instead of being embarrassed about your quirks, embrace them because they makes you unique. “Unahin niyo weirdest stuff about you, mga nakakahiya at nakakatawa.”  Geisler agreed, saying, “Hindi naman judgmental si Kuya. Mas gusto niya ’yung mga taong makulay, may karakter.”

5. SHOW YOUR INTERESTS—‘PBB Otso’ winner Yamyam Gucong and ‘PBB Lucky Season 7’s’ Nikko Natividad: For Gucong and Natividad, it’s more important to share your different interests and be natural because PBB looks for personality and character than looks. “Be natural sa video mo. May hinahanap si Big Brother na uniqueness mo,” said Yamyam.  Meanwhile Nikko said, “Huwag niyo na lagyan ng filter. Mas mag-focus kayo sa ano ang ugali niyo, sa’n kayo interesado.

6. PRAY ABOUT IT—‘PBB Connect’ winner Liofer Pinatacan: When you think you’ve done everything right, it’s time to offer it up to the Most High. That is the advice of Pinatacan. As a spiritual guy, Liofer shared that it’s all up to Him if being a housemate is in your cards.  “Prayer lang din talaga. Kung para sa ’yo, para sa ’yo yan. Ipakita mo kung ano ’yung napakagandang kwento ng buhay mo,” said Liofer.

7. DON’T OVERTHINK IT—‘PBB Otso’s’ Fumiya Sankai: Sankai has a simple advice. Don’t overthink your audition and just focus on how you can make your personality shine. “Don’t think too much. Just be yourself,” he said.

In the meantime, for this season, the show’s theme song “Pinoy Tayo” will be reinterpreted by OPM star Rico Blanco.  “It’s such an honor to do the song. Just what it stands for. The original version is so well-loved,” he said. “This is a chance to rediscover it.”

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