AcadArena Spaces empowers esports to students in campus


ACADARENA launched the AcadArena Spaces—a co-branded, convertible student hubs built for students who engage with gaming, esports or tech—at the National University (NU) Laguna campus this month.

AcadArena Spaces are fully-equipped facilities that offer high-end PCs and a student lounge for study, play and events with a modular design that allows customizable additions to fit the student community’s needs.

With dedicated support for student clubs, AcadArena Spaces provide more than just a computer laboratory for academic institutions. It creates vibrant programs for students to understand that esports and gaming have become a fundamental part of campus life and is committed to creating the best environment for educators and students.

“We’ve always treated campuses as our partners in esports, thus when developing Spaces we focused on balancing the specific needs of a campus with the wants of esports athletes and student gamers,” AcadArena Scholastic Partnerships Manager Atty. Isaiah San Miguel said.

Tailor-fit to desired space, Spaces is highly adaptable and AcadArena is capable of transforming existing classroom or computer laboratory into dream esports facility—all white working with your space and budget limitations—according to San Miguel.

“We’re proud to say that our approach has been well-received and we’re already in talks with several other campuses who are interested in developing their unique AcadArena Space,” AcadArena Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Hoang said.

“We believe that the success of these Spaces is down to our ability to work closely with campus officials to understand the needs of their students and create Spaces that cater to those needs,” he added.

Hoang said: “Empowering people to be everyday heroes AcadArena is devoted to developing and supporting student gamers across our network of 800 campuses and 100 plus student clubs.”

A student lounge, competition hub, broadcast studio and mini-esports arena are all within the program with NU Laguna opting for a mixed-use Space to maximize all physical space at its disposal.

The result was a classroom and learning center during the day that became a play area and mobile lounge after class hours.

“AcadArena understands that each campus has its unique needs and challenges which is why we are extremely flexible in developing Spaces that are tailored to the specific requirements of each campus,” Hoang said.”

“Our Spaces are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a bespoke solution designed to address the unique needs of the campus community,” he said. “We work closely with campus officials to understand their needs and develop Spaces that cater to the unique needs of their students.”

The ongoing Alliance Games, the premier collegiate esports competition in the country, has brought together hundreds of schools competing in four different titles.

“Together, we execute esports and gaming events of all shapes and sizes, from campus booths to CONQuest, one of the largest pop culture festivals in Southeast Asia,” Hoang explained.

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