7 in 10 Pinoys keen to learn about AI–survey


MAJORITY or 7 out of 10 of Filipinos want to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) even if they don’t know where to start, according to a LinkedIn survey.

The data showed over half or 59 percent of professionals said they want to learn about AI because they are worried that they should know more about AI.

The survey results also showed 57 percent of professionals felt overwhelmed by the amount of change AI may bring to their job in the future

“This is undoubtedly an era of change with generative AI gaining more prominence in the workplace. It is encouraging to see professionals focus on the positives that AI can bring to their working lives,” Atul Harkisanka, Head of Growth Markets and Country Lead for the Philippines at LinkedIn.

“We can sense the interest and excitement among Filipino professionals in leveraging AI to help them win their career progression with faster access to knowledge and insights, unlock new levels of productivity, aid with work problems, and cultivate better work-life balance,” he added.

The data also showed that 41 percent of professionals worry that they will not be able to keep up with AI developments in their workplace.

However, the results showed 76 percent of Filipinos believe there will be a “significant” change to their jobs next year due to AI.

More than half or 55 percent of the local workforce also admitted to using generative AI in their jobs. There are also 47 percent of professionals who tried out generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The results also showed that Millennials and GenZ professionals are leading the usage of Chat GPT at 46 percent.

“In fact, our study shows that over 8 in 10 (85 percent) professionals in the Philippines believe it is likely that AI will be an ‘invisible teammate’ in the next five years. With their time freed up, many are looking to invest in themselves by learning new skills, focusing on more creative and strategic work, and growing their professional network – all of which are strong career boosters, Harkishanka said.

LinkedIn also said professionals believed AI will boost their access to the right knowledge and skill sets they need for work and spotlight the irreplaceable value of their human skills in career advancement.

Professionals in the Philippines think skills like problem-solving at 77 percent; creativity, 77 percent; and communication at 76 percent will become more important as AI tools become more widely used at work.

As AI can take away some of the drudgery of their daily jobs, professionals hope to have more job satisfaction and lead an improved quality of life.

More than half of the Philippines’ workforce believes AI can make their jobs easier, increasing job satisfaction (62 percent) and helping them achieve more outstanding work-life balance (57 percent).

Professionals are keen to invest their freed-up time in learning new job skills (51 percent) and strengthening their professional networks (39 percent).

“We see a significant increase in conversations, with members also adding AI skills to their profiles. Additionally, our data highlights the enormous value of soft skills and how imperative it is for professionals to continue leaning in on these skills they already possess as we navigate this new tech and changes ahead,” Harkishanka said.