4 Killed And 1 Wounded In A Shootout During Law Enforcement Operation


Four individuals were killed while one police officer was wounded during a law enforcement operation conducted by elements of Zamboanga City Police Station 9, Zamboanga City Police Office that turned into a shootout at Purok 6, Barangay Recodo, Zamboanga City Tuesday dawn, August 11, 2020.

Police B/Gen. Jesus D. Cambay, Jr. Regional Director, PRO9 identified the fatalities as Patti Abdurahim, Tato Saliento, Jamiri Abdurahim and Abdulbakil Abdurahim, all of legal age, residents of abovementioned place. The wounded police office was also identified as PSSg. Larry P. Balasabas, legal age, married, PNP member of Zamboanga City Police Station 9. The incident happened around 3:45 AM of August 11, 2020.

Investigation conducted disclosed that prior to the incident, elements of Zamboanga City Police Station 9 led by PSSg. Larry P. Balasabas were about to serve a warrant of arrest against Nurhassan L. Jalao for the crime of murder at his place of residence at Purok 6, Barangay Recodo, Zamboanga City when the subject person opened fire at the operating team when they were about to enter the shanty house hitting the team leader on the head.

The operating team retaliated which resulted to the death of the two (2) suspects identified as Patti Abdurahim and Jimboy Saliento.

However, Nurhassan L Jalao managed to escaped towards the interior part of Purok-6, Barangay Recodo and while on his way, he drew fire to other individuals identified as Abdulbakil Abdurahim, 20 years old and Jamiri Abdurahim, 40 years old, both residents of said place who happened to bumped the subject person in the course of his escape.

PSSg Larry Balasabas was immediately brought to Ciudad Medical for medical treatment.

Recovered from the crime scene were one Pistol Cal .45, one Pistol Cal .38, several cartridges and a hand grenade. Nurhassan L. Jalao has a standing Warrant of Arrest for the crime of Murder with Criminal Case Number 39260 issued and signed by Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 32 dated August 17, 2018 and the suspect on the shooting incident that transpired last August 6, 2020 with his companions identified as Silvin Jalao and Patti Abdurahim. Further verifications made revealed that Jamiri Abdurahim has also a pending Warrant of Arrest for murder under Criminal Case No. 20892.

Zamboanga City Police Station 9 is now conducting hot pursuit operation for the arrest of Nurhassan Jalao.

(News and photos courtesy of PRO9-PIO)


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