3 UZ-School of Allied Med graduates top PLE 2024

photo courtesy by Kathy Wee Sit

Mayor John Dalipe Monday recognizes 3 graduates of Universidad de Zamboanga’s School of Allied Medicine for dominating the list of topnotchers during the Pharmacists Licensure Examination (PLE) held April 17-18, 2024.

The Zamboangueño top performers are Rhedz-Wei Taling Hadjula, who clinched the top spot of the examination with a rating of 92.85%; Fatima Escandar Nain, who landed fifth (5th) with a rating of 91.25% and Rasheedkhan Alaja Jainal, who finished 10th with a rating of 90.62%.

The 3 PLE topnotchers together with their professors and parents called on Mayor Dalipe in City Hall Tuesday afternoon, May 27.

Mayor Dalipe presented a plaque of recognition to each of the top performers, as he expressed pride and praised them for their laudable achievements. He said the 3 PLE topnotchers, just like all the other top performers in other licensure examinations, are the pride and inspiration of the Zamboangueños.

He likewise expressed appreciation to the Universidad de Zamboanga – School of Allied Medicine for the quality education that has produced a number of top performers in various fields in the recent past.

ENHORABUENA y todo lo mejor!

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page)

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