2021 is the year of Genshin Impact


THERE were over 2 billion tweets about gaming in 2020 and that’s not suprising. Tweets about gaming are still going strong in 2021. Year on year, there has been an 18-percent increase in tweets about the genre.

This year, Twitter users are talking about eSports leagues like Call of Duty League and Valorant Champions Tour to global gaming events like E3 and Summer Game Fest. From 9th place in 2020, the Philippines has surpassed India, France and the United Kingdom and is now in 6th in eSports.

If people talked the most about Animal Crossing on Twitter in 2020, this is the year of Genshin Impact, at least the first six months, for Twitter users in the Philippines. Globally, Genshin Impact was also the most talked-about game on Twitter.

In 2021, Twitter users in the Philippines are also talking about games, like “Apax Legends,” “Ensemble Stars!,” “Final Fantasy, Fortnite,” and “Minecraft,” among others.

Kyle Jackson, also known as Mongraal, is the most tweeted-about eSports athlete in the first half of 2021. The 16-year-old Mongraal plays “Fortnite.”

Gaming PCs, laptops, accessories and peripherals did good business in 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Vertux is a new brand of gaming accessories and peripherals that is also creating a buzz online. Their products are well-designed and priced affordably. They’re also available in major online channels like Shopee, Lazada, GrabMart and Viber.

Vertux has accessories for every gaming budget and the products look as good as they perform. The keyboards, mouse, headsets, microphones, speakers and even the headset stands have customizable RGB LED lights that can be color-coordinated to fit and personalize gaming setups.

If you’ve never tried any Vertux product yet but are curious about the brand, you should start with the keyboards, which the brand is known for. Vertux Radiance is a high-precision gaming keyboard with ultra-fast tactical feedback and six anti-ghosting keys that allow simultaneous keypress while gaming. Vertux Tactical is a high-performing mechanical keyboard that provides precision with 100 percent anti-ghosting keys and stylish rainbow backlight featuring 8 LED effects. Vertux Vendetta comes with a mouse, GX rubber dome switches, RGB lighting with 9 modes and 26 anti-ghosting keys.

When it comes to mice, Vertux Kryptonite has the smoothest, most reliable tracking experience with 6-DPI settings up to 10,000 DPI to help flawless speed changes. Vertux Dominator is a USB-wired gaming mouse with 4 on-the-go DPI settings up to 3,200 and a polling rate of 1,000Hz, the fastest for a wired mouse.

Vertux’s high-definition noise-isolating headsets include Vertux Malaga and Manila which both offer reliable 40mm speaker drivers. Vertux Blitz has 50mm premium drivers so you can hear everything with the greatest clarity. It also has a lightweight over-ear design. Vertux Extent and Hexarack are all-in-one headset stands with built-in USB ports and LED lights.

Other Vertux accessories include the Streamer-3 mic, which offers standout easy-tilt performance with a cool LED backlight feature; Vertux Vertucharge-Qi, a wireless charging port that charges at 3x faster speeds; and Vertux Powerbase-PS5, a dual dock charging hub for controllers.

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