11 NPA Members Surrender To Police Authorities In SO.COT., Two Apprehended During ECQ Implementation In Sarangani


Police Regional Office 12- 11 NPA members peacefully surrendered and turn

over their firearms in Sto. Nino, South Cotabato while two others, found out carrying

deadly weapons later, were seized in Maasim, Sarangani while PNP and AFP

authorities implement ECQ preventive and security measures.


Five (5) NPA and Six (6) Militia ng Bayan (MB) members all under GF MUSA

FSMR voluntary surrendered to joint personnel of PRO 12 and other law enforcement

agencies. Said militants were received at Sitio Pine Tree, Barangay Manuel Roxas,

Sto. Niño, South Cotabato, 4:00 PM of April 30, 2020.

The eleven (11) surrenderees were identified as the following, to wit:

  • Arnel Sabarillo @Buddy – Former CO of Platoon Arabo and Current VCO of

Platoon Myphone, SRC4 DAGUMA, all under GF MUSA, FSMR (PSR Listed);

  • Hina Kim Belet @ May – Medic, Squad 2, Platoon Nokia, GF MUSA, FSMR;
  • Bong Pendatun @Rogsy – Member, Platoon Myphone, SRC4 DAGUMA, GF


  • John John Agang @John-John – Member, Platoon Myphone, SRC4 DAGUMA,


  • Marlon Yto @ Jinggoy – Member, Kilusang Larangang Guerilla (KLG), GF


  • Edgar Permalino @Jomar – Former Platoon Political Instructor and Current CO,

Militia Ng Bayan in Poblacion, Sto. Niño, South Cotabato Province under GF MUSA,


  • Lemuel Magudinog @ Dino – VCO, Militia Ng Bayan in Barangay South Sepaka,

Surallah, South Cotabato Province under GF MUSA, FSMR;

  • Ramil Bautista @ Ome – Member, Militia Ng Bayan in Barangay Rang-ay,

Banga, South Cotabato Province, GF MUSA, FSMR;

  • Dionedes Alberto @ Kulot – Member, Militia Ng Bayan in Barangay Rang-ay,

Banga, South Cotabato Province, GF MUSA, FSMR;

  • Modesto Dading @Tonton – Member, Militia Ng Bayan in Sitio Lower Lam

Bukay, Barangay Lamba, Banga, South Cotabato, GF MUSA, FSMR; and

  • Abner Hinggilio @Jacob – Member, Militia Ng Bayan in Barangay South Sepaka,

Bagumbayan, Sultan Kudarat Province, GF MUSA, FSMR.

Further, the said surrenderees turned-over the following firearms and

ammunitions, to wit; a. Two (2) KG9 Rifle (One (1) with serial number 13157 with twenty

(20) live ammunitions; b. One (1) caliber .45 pistol with defaced serial number with ten

(10) live ammunitions; c. Two (2) .38 revolver both with defaced serial numbers; d. Two

(2) unit of twelve gauge shotgun both with deface serial numbers with four (4) live

ammunitions; e. Two (2) hand grenades; f. One (1) landmine; and g. Subversive


Said surrenderees were immediately brought to RIU 12 Office, Camp Fermin G

Lira, General Santos City for debriefing, documentation and proper disposition.


On the contrary, Maasim Police Station with the guidance of PCPT Herman J

Luna OIC together with 1204th RMFB 12, Sarangani PPO, Sarangani SPFMC, and in

coordination with MIB 10D, 27th IB PA, conducted oplan sita and oplan yaw yaw in

relation to implementation of RA 11332 at the vicinity of Purok 2, Barangay Poblacion,

Maasim, Sarangani Province at 2:10 PM of April 30, 2020.


During their patrol, they saw Two (2) Malefactors not wearing facemask walking

along the road of Purok 2 of the said Barangay. That upon noticing, the team

immediately frisk the two unidentified person carrying backpack and sling bag. Anxious

and wary, the two tried to run away but the personnel of 1204th were able to accost

them immediately. The prior were seized and lawful search of their belongings followed



During the search, authorities recovered One (1) MK2 Handgrenade, One (1) .38

caliber revolver chamber loaded with Four (4) .38 ammunition, Two (2) 12 gauge

ammunition and other assorted documents. Following Suspects were immediately

arrested and were informed of the nature of their arrest as well as their constitutional


Furthermore, investigation conducted revealed that the Two (2) persons were

members of Sandatahan Yunit Propaganda Huawei Platoon under a.k.a BAMBAM of

GF 73 Musa Command led by Jun-Jun Narvasa AKA MAGAW GF Secretary based on

the intelligence report.

They are identified as the following to wit:

  • Johnny BUGUIS y Diamana, alleged member of GF 73 MUSA Command as

Liaison/Recruit Officer.

  • Jimmy KITAY y Ning, alleged member of GF 73 MUSA Command as platoon


The two (2) persons as well as the evidence recovered were subsequently

brought to Maasim MPS for documentation and proper disposition. Suspects has

undergone medical/physical examination in accordance to RA 9745 (Anti Torture Act of

2009) before placing into custodial facility for proper disposition

According to PBGEN ALFRED S CORPUS, RD, PRO12, the campaign against

terrorism is still in full effect as mandated by PRRD. It can be recalled that the president

ordered the strict implementation of ECQ rules and to subjugate trouble makers and

adversaries should they threaten the lives of the frontliners. The president articulated

this on one of his press conference aired nationwide following the incident where the

NPA displayed an act of terrorism and deterrence on the peace treaty of the

government by slaying Security forces escorting the distribution of relief for the needy.

The PNP Chief also laid down his directives pertaining this matter and have

advised the entire force of the PNP to intensify efforts but to perform respective duties

in accordance and respect to human rights and other relevant laws. As such, PBGEN

Corpus commits that PRO12 will continue to enforce ECQ rules strictly and more so in

their campaign against terrorism, illegal drugs and other form of criminalities while

fighting the COVID19 pandemic.

“As we portray our role in the society in this trying times, we risk not only our lives

but also our family’s and those who are dear to us. It Could have been not extremely

difficult as it is now if everyone had the right perspective on things. Be it as it may, we

maintain our foothold in this war. Can we triumph over this war if we join hands, yes

definitely; will we lose some of our heroes in this fight, yes we already have but so be it,

PRO 12 will remain steadfast in fulfillment of our mandates.” RD Corpus said.


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