1.048 million obtain National ID, PhilSys Numbers–PSA


Over a million Filipinos now have their national IDs, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

As of August 13, some 1.048 million received their PhilSys Numbers (PSN) and National IDs, a 17.6-percent increase or 156,963 more IDs compared to the previous week.

The PSA said getting a PSN and receiving a PhilID is the third and final step in the PhilSys registration process. The PSN is a permanent identification number while the PhilID is a physical identification card containing the PSN.

“One of the features of the PhilID is the PhilSys Card Number [PCN], the public version of the PSN, which shall be used by a registrant when transacting,” PSA earlier said.

“With PhilSys, public and private transactions will be made safer, more seamless, and more efficient as the country transitions into a digital economy,” it added.

The latest data also showed that a total of 40.388 million have completed Step 1; 25.26 million Step 2; and 5.08 million have created their bank accounts.

In terms of Step 1, PSA data showed registrants increased by 683,777 or 1.7 percent from the previous week.

For Step 2, registrants from 86 provinces and National Capital Region (NCR) districts increased by 1.51 million or 6.4 percent from last week.

PSA said PhilSys registrants who applied for an account with the Land Bank of the Philippines (LandBank) increased by 78,381 or 1.6 percent from the previous week.

Step 1 involves the collection of demographic information, while Step 2 requires registrants to submit biometric information in respective registration centers.

Step 2 also includes the opportunity for PhilSys registrants to open bank accounts with the LandBank.

PhilSys aims to provide a valid identification to Filipinos to ease public access to financial services and inclusion, social protection, health, education, and other government services. 30

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