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Water Level Critical

aw water inflow at the plants’ intake continued to drop as Zamboanga City Water Dstrict (ZCWD) has raised the alarm with levels approaching critical level.
As of 4:00pm of February 13, water level at its diversion weir dropped to 74.02 meter amidst a prevailing hot dry spell as rainfall continue to be scarce for the past months.
Water production from Prime Water in the west coast has nosedived to 22 MLD (million liters per day) from their mandated production of 50MLD.
Prime Water is the main supplier of water to the west coast, but has met periodic shortfalls due to low yield of the Saz river, its main supply tributary, forcing the main water filtration plants in Pasonanca to divert water to the west coast to stabilize supply.
This is in turn has affected water supply to both the central and east coast districts where the bulk of the customer base are in.
Products Chief Engr. Teotimo Reyes Jr. disclosed that further drops in the water inflow will further deplete water production capacity.
This is in turn will mean lower rate of water distribution to the district’s customers in 61 barangays of the city.
Complaints have mounted the past few days of areas not getting ample water on time as the ZCWD imposed a second rational water rationing scheme last Monday, February 10, 2020.
Drop in water elevation means less water processed for distribution affecting water pressure in most of the city’s service areas hampering the distribution of water to households, resulting in delays transit time of water, Engr. Reyes stressed.

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