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Ruru Madrid talks about self-care and clean living

Men’s attitudes toward grooming are shifting. Thanks to the changing times, men are now proud to say they make the effort to look good.

While very few of them will have the patience for a routine that exceeds three to four steps, men’s skin-care products now sell well.

But there’s still a portion of the market that doesn’t care at all. A study published by showed that 33 percent of men (their sample size consisted of 1,000 men aged 18 and above) didn’t wash their face on a daily basis. The survey also showed that 11 percent of those men have never used a face wash, 33 percent use a bar soap for the face, and 20 percent use a body wash on their faces.

Just 59 percent of men aged 18 to 24 agreed that men need to look after their skin.

It’s refreshing to know that actor Ruru Madrid is someone who takes care of himself. He works out regularly and is, thankfully, a man with a skin-care routine.

Ruru, 23, is also known to be a lover of fashion. He likes clothes, sneakers and boots.

“I would describe my fashion style as edgy. I believe in having no limitations when it comes to fashion. You can wear whatever you want as long as you are confident that you can pull it off.”

Ruru takes care of his skin from the inside and out. He drinks a lot of water because it helps to hydrate his skin.

Amazingly, Ruru not only washes his face twice a day but also washes it after working out.

Experts say you should wash your face within 15 minutes of completing your workout to remove sweat and bacteria. This is to prevent your pores from being clogged.

“It’s also important to check your skin regularly and make sure to use the perfect skin-care products to help your skin stay in good condition,” said Ruru, who is the new brand ambassador of Beautéderm Corp.

He tries to work-out every day and eats healthy food. He doesn’t drink alcohol nor smokes, and he gets eight to 10 hours of sleep.

“It is also important to take care of your mental health, so I do read self-help books and try to learn new things everyday.”

Ruru’s Beautéderm favorites are the grooming essentials from the brand’s Spruce & Dash collection, namely: Beau Charcoal Soap, Lad Hair Pomade, Hugh Shaving Cream, Charcoal Charmer Face Mask and Brawn Anti-Perspirant White Spray.

Aside from these, he also loves the Beauté Set “because it has everything.”

“Working with Ruru is a breeze and a complete joy. He is a very welcome addition to the Beautéderm family. What amazes me about him more is his professionalism and kindness,” said Beautéderm president and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan.

“It’s such a privilege and an honor to finally be a part of the Beautéderm family. I am grateful to Ms. Rei Tan for trusting me to be one of her brand ambassadors, and I cannot wait for all the exciting things that we will do together,” said Ruru.

Ruru has been in show business for nearly 10 years, starred in a string of top-rating series on GMA, the most recent being I Can See You: On My Way to You. He is preparing for his role in the upcoming GMA prime-time series Lolong, an action-fantasy.


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