Newly-built motorboats, bancas must be registered June 28


THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) on Thursday announced a firm June 28 deadline for the registration of all newly constructed motorboats and bancas.

In a media advisory, the Marina said it has issued Advisory 2024-24, which require vessel owners to ensure their undocumented watercraft are registered before the deadline.

Marina said this is part of its ongoing efforts to enhance maritime safety and maintain proper documentation of vessels operating within Philippine waters.

To comply with the new directive, owners must submit their registration applications to the nearest Marina Regional Office, along with the following required documents: Post-construction plan/as-built plan or skeleton plan; duly notarized builder’s certificate or certification from the coastal barangay; duly notarized affidavit of ownership or deed of sale; and a copy of valid government IDs of the owner.

Marina regional offices will conduct mobile ad measurement and registration activities to streamline the registration process, “ensuring coverage of all newly constructed, undocumented motorboats and bancas prior to the deadline.”

Marina has also announced the launch of the Marina Blockchain-Enabled Automated Certification System (Marina-BEST) starting July 1.

This new system will integrate the registration process and require full compliance with all documentation and procedural requirements, including plans approval before construction, progress inspections during construction, and admeasurement prior to registration.

Any vessel that does not meet these requirements will not be eligible for registration under the new system.

“The said initiative underscores the agency’s commitment to improving the safety standards of maritime operations in the Philippines,” the Marina said.