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You’ll really be into this show

SOME may dismiss the new ABS-CBN youth-oriented show He’s Into Her as nothing more than a guilty pleasure. After all, it’s not like Clueless, which was a reboot of Jane Austen’s Emma; nor Gossip Girl that has shades of The Great Gatsby with its elements of youth and the angst of wealthy people.  In fact, the base material is a Precious Pages-LIB novel bearing the same name that will probably never be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. 

Yup, He’s Into Her will probably never find its way into a doctorate dissertation but the show bears some resemblance to—dare I say it?—William Shakespeare’s The Taming of  The Shrew in a sense that its two young lovers coming together from two different worlds. It also takes some cues from certain Asianovelas (Meteor Garden anyone?).

But the pleasures of He’s Into Her needn’t be guilty. This romcom isn’t high TV art or even middling, but it’s cute and funny as we witness the antics of Maxpein (played by Belle Mariano) and Deib (Donny Pangilinan), both students at the prestigious (fictional) Benison International School. Deib is a popular kid not only because he is the basketball varsity team captain but also because of his wit. On the other hand, Max is an ordinary, tomboy-ish new student who is still finding her place in her new school.
 Their relationship, which started on the wrong foot, turns upside down as they get to know each other. But as their young love blossoms, their issues and relationships in the past complicate everything. 

Showrunners Chad Vidanes (director) and Vanessa R. Valdez (headwriter) definitely exhibit mastery in how they mounted the show. And Belle shows promise and is endlessly entertaining in how she attacks her role as a probinsyana unaffected by social cliques, while Donny is one male heartthrob in the making.  The camera loves his face and he grows on you by the nanosecond. By the time the first TV commercial airs, you’ll just realize that you’re into him. He’s Into Her is a fun watch and while it is not overly concerned with the good guys vs bad guys, or even the dangers that abound in an uppity private school where issues of sex, drugs and rock and roll are as common as kids with smartphones nowadays, there is still a lesson to be learned from the show.

He’s Into Her is aired on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z and Kapamilya Online Live every Sunday at 8:45 pm. iWantTFC subscribers can also watch it in advance every Friday at 8:45 pm (Manila time).  


MISS Universe 2018 Catriona Gray just released “R.Y.F.”, her own version of a song that was inspired by her journeys (it was originally titled “Raise Your Flag,” performed by KZ Tandingan and rapper Kririko). During the launch, Catriona revealed that her single speaks of her coming full circle in her journey as a beauty queen-turned-recording artist as well as her “call to action” toward uplifting lives.

“‘R.Y.F.’ is an anthem for me. The song is very much a reflection of my journey. There is no better way to kick off my career in music than by singing this song,” shared Catriona.

“In a way, the role of lending my voice to ‘R.Y.F.’ is very similar to being Miss Universe because the song has a message I believe in,” she added. 

Catriona explained that “R.Y.F.” goes beyond its message of patriotism to standing up for someone or something and advocating causes that matter amid challenging times.

“It’s about raising your voice for something you believe in,” she said. “I know that it’s very trying for us because there are so many challenges we face, so it really is just trying to see how you can be of help to someone even in the smallest of ways.”

The empowering single was originally written by Trisha Denise and ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo, inspired by the beauty queen’s memorable statements from her Miss Universe journey.

Stream Catriona’s “R.Y.F.” cover is now available on various music streaming services.

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