Statement of Cong. Bingo Matugas

Statement of Cong. Bingo Matugas

by RPN

Statement of Cong. Bingo Matugas
on the Incidents that Happened at the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and the Provincial Health Office on March 25,2020:

In support to the statement issued by the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte published through the HEALS 911 FB Page, I would like to call on all Surigaonons to stay away not just from Covid-19 but also from Fake News. You see, this battle is not just against the virus Covid-19 but also against Fake News that cause an Info-demic that overshadows the viral epidemic itself. In the midst of this war, we should help each other by spreading Facts not Fake News in order for our people to act with wisdom instead of fear or desperation.

The Surigaonons who went to the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office and the Provincial Health Office today followed a news or announcement posted by Surigao Media for the purpose of deceiving people and to make the Provincial Government look bad (Screenshots of their posts are included in this post). These people they took advantage of are people who are desperate to survive during these desperate times. But unlike them who were only desperate for their lives, the group that made those malicious posts were desperate to bring the Provincial Government down even at such a time like this.

I thus call on the opposition group behind this post and related fake news to please refrain from deceiving the people of Surigao del Norte. If you have grievances against the Provincial Government and against us as elected officials, please direct them to us. Please do not use the people of Surigao for your evil schemes and purposes. If you are unwilling to help the Provincial Government, please help your fellow Surigaonons in this time of crisis.

Following the call of the President for cease fire with the communist rebels, I humbly call for a ceasefire with you. Let us set aside politics, even just this once and just during this war. Let us be one in this fight against our common invisible enemy which is Covid-19.

I appeal to you as a fellow Surigaonon, let us be on the same side now. Let us show our Bayanihan spirit, not our crab mentality. I call on you to act with prudence and wisdom. We accept suggestions and criticisms if they would help in solving the common problem that we face. But then again, direct your criticisms to us.

Let us unite to win in this war! Let us fight together, not each other. Let us save people’s lives, not serve ourselves.

God bless Surigao. God bless the Philippines.

#CeasefireFromPolitics #NoToFakeNews #StopTheInfodemic #FightAsOne

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