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Ieti completes first shareable tower in PHL

Isoc edotco Towers Inc. (Ieti) has completed its first build-to-suite tower in Cavite, a project it undertook for Globe Telecom Inc., but is open for other telco entities to rent.

In a statement Ieti Country Managing Director Willam Walters said the tower in Silang, Cavite is equipped with capacities to accommodate and serve other mobile operators.

“The readiness of this first of many common towers denotes our unwavering commitment in advancing connectivity for the nation through the shared infrastructure model. With our regional experience, industry best practices and capabilities in deploying built-to-suit and next-generation connectivity solutions, we are thrilled to officially mark a new era of reliable and affordable connectivity in the Philippines,” he said.

Globe CFO Rizza Maniego-Eala noted that the completion of the first-ever build-to-suit site in Cavite will lead to more projects in the coming months as demand for connectivity and wider coverage continues.

“These builds not only complement the existing network expansion programs of the company but also give some flexibility for us to maximize their potentials in a totally different way,” she said.

Walters noted that the company is now working on its other builds to provide telcos with infrastructure that could help expand and extend their reach and improve the quality of their services.

“With a total of five towers completed, we are confident we will be able to meet the remaining towers in the pipeline as committed in our commercial agreement with Globe,” Walters said.

Alan B. Fernandez, who heads the business development department of Ieti, earlier said Globe and Ieti entered into a contract for the construction of “a little over 100 towers for Southern Luzon.”

The government has decided to create an environment for shared telco infrastructure—similar to neighboring countries—to improve the tower density of the Philippines and provide better telco services to Filipinos.

Currently, the Philippines has about 17,850 towers, based on estimates by TowerXchange. They serve over 100 million subscribers, which translates to a tower density of 7,143 customers per tower. In an ideal scenario, a tower should only serve 1,000 subscribers at any given time to provide optimal service.

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