Baguio Imposes Liquor Ban


The City Council approved a resolution imposing liquor ban in the city during the ongoing implementation of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine as part of the government’s overall efforts to fight the dreaded Corona Virus Disease (COVID) 2019.

The resolution authored by all the members of the city legislative body enjoined all business establishments in the different parts of the city not to sell liquor during the quarantine period as one of the precautionary measures in ensuring the compliance of the residents to the strict policy on social distancing.

City legislators pointed out that drinking alcohol, which is one of the major components of liquor, reportedly lowers the resistance and makes person susceptible and vulnerable to pneumonia and respiratory illnesses that could eventually compromise the health of the said individuals who frequently drink liquor.

According to the resolution, there had been numerous reports that there are residents who had been having drinking sprees in their houses even during the implementation of the policy for people to stay home which defeats the purpose of the same, among other reasons.

The imposition of the temporary liquor ban in the city is an initiative of the city government to strengthen the ongoing efforts to compel people to stay at home and observe the policy on social distancing to prevent the possible spread of the deadly virus in the city which recorded 15 confirmed COVID cases with 1 death.

The city government warned erring establishments who continue to defy the liquor ban that administrative sanctions will be imposed against the owners, particularly the suspension or outright revocation of the business permit issued to them, depending on the gravity of the offense committed.

On the other hand, the city legislative body called on concerned residents to report to the concerned offices of the city government erring business establishments that continue to defy the liquor ban so that appropriate monitoring could be done to guide decision-makers and policy- makers on the penalties to be imposed against the owners.

Personnel of the City Permits and Licensing Division of the City Mayor’s Office continue to monitor the operation of different business establishments in the city, especially those selling liquor, so that the dispensing of liquor will be prevented and ensure strict compliance of people to the policy on staying at home and social distancing.

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