ARMSCOR unveils RIA 5.0 at Shot Show 


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — A Filipino-made firearm manufactured in the United States of America was launched with a lot of pride at the start of 2023 Shot Show —the largest and known weapon trade exhibit in the world—on Tuesday (US time) at the Venetian Hotel here.

ARMSCOR Global Defense Inc. (AGDI) Chairman/President and Chief Executive Officer Martin Tuason unveiled the RIA 5.0 firearm pistol to the public —including the thousands of prospective buyers, fellow exhibitors and suppliers around the world on the first day.

“We have an awesome pistol out here fully made in the United States. So as a Filipino, I am always proud to bring the best of the Philippines to the rest of the world,” the 48-year-old Tuason told attendees at the Venetian Expo Level 2.

“But as a Filipino company with an operation in [Cedar City] Utah, we are proud to bring what’s the best of the United States to the Philippines as well eventually, or make the other way around because this is truly the best firearm that I ever shot,” he said.

Tuason was joined by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, Rock Island Armory President Lisa Tuason, also the Marketing and PR head of ARMSCOR Global Defense Inc, State Attorney General of Utah Sean Reyes and American actor Joe Mantegna at the stage.

“This is the best firearm in the world not because I am the president of this company, not because I helped develop it, and not for anything else because the technology of this firearm is unique,” he explained.

A total of 300 RIA 5.0 units would be definitely available in the market, according to 65-year-old former E7 gunnery rank American Marine Lynn Gomez, vice-president of production and plant manager of RIA.

“We want the people to want it before we produce more,” Gomez said, adding that they plan to produce around 3,500 RIA 5.0 for this year in the United States aside from the 30,000 shotguns they also eye to produce before the year ends.

“It is patented and when you squeeze the trigger, you just cannot believe it. It is just unimaginably great… and we’re going to continuously make it better throughout the years which you will not only see today but there’s more,” he added.

Tuason also said the combination of Philippine and United States factories would result in a great marriage to produce the best possible products in the next ten years like 3MM , STK variants and allied 380, among other un-importable products in the US, at best possible price. “We have great teams that can come out with multiple new products now because we have all these factories not only in the Philippines,” Tuason said. “We will be taking over this market and be known as an international player in the firearms industry.”

Zubiri, who flew from Manila to test the RIA 5.0 during the media day at Boulder City the other day, thanked Tuason and the ARMSCOR Global Defense Inc. not only for producing the best made by Filipinos in the US but also for creating jobs and opportunities for everyone. 

“I am happy to be here supporting a Filipino-owned company going abroad, going international and I’m paying back to you for providing a lot of jobs,” Zubiri said. “He is taking care of 2,200 souls in their Marikina plant in the Philippines aside from the shooting ranges he runs.” Zubiri reiterated plans to have his bill, the Philippine Defense Industry Development Act, enacted within the year to help the country’s national defense. 

The Shot Show 2023 attended by a thousand exhibitors—including the country’s very own ARMSCOR Global Defense Inc.—all over the world will be at the Venetian Hotel and Caesar Palace until Friday.