Part of Mambukal Convention Hotel collapses

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Part of Mambukal Convention Hotel collapses

A portion of the Mambukal Convention Hotel at Mambukal Mountain Resort in Murcia collapsed yesterday.

This was confirmed by Ellen Jalandoni, Manager of Mambukal resort who said that no one was hurt in the incident.

Jalandoni said that she immediately reported the incident to Provincial Engineer Ernie Mapa.

Mapa sent Engineers Jay Alpas and Paul Cusi to secure and investigate the incident.

The two personnel were also ordered to secure the premises to avoid any untoward incident as there were falling debris at the area.

Jalandoni also said that the hotel has not yet been turned-over to the provincial government.

She said that it should be Mapa who should make a report to the media

However, Mapa was not answering his phone until press deadline.

Jalandoni said the convention and hotel facility will have 48 rooms and three function halls, and it costs P84 million.

“Our main concern really is the safety of the tourists and everyone inside the resort”, Jalandoni said.

Jalandoni said she has no knowledge who will do the repair or reconstruction of the damaged portion of the hotel.* (NDB)

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