More Than 86 Grass Fire Calls in Bacolod Since Jan. 1

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More Than 86 Grass Fire Calls in Bacolod Since Jan. 1

Since January 1 until February 25, 2019, there were already 86 fire grass calls received and responded to by Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) fire stations in Bacolod City.

The figure does not include calls involving residential and commercial fires that occured in the city.

Thus said Bacolod Fire Marshall, Fire Chief Inspector Poblito “Boboy” Ploteña in an interview this morning with Radioman Larry Trinidad of RMN DYHB.

“The number of fire incidents since January 1st to yesterday (Feb. 25) is higher compared to last year because this month’s (weather) is already hot and it’s windy,” Ploteña told RMN.

He said that on grass fires alone the fire stations got 86 calls. “I am yet to check the records because we also got a lot of calls and responded to several residential and commercial fires. Even this morning another residential fire took place in Barangay Taculing that gutted two houses,” he said.

The city fire chief is urging everyone to always observe these fire prevention tips:

Do not forget to have your electrical installations checked; Do not overload electrical connections and outlets; Do not use substandard wires; Unplug appliances before leaving home when nobody is left behind.

Also, do not allow kids to play with matches and lighters; Do not burn garbage; Always ensure that used charcoal are put out with water.

Also, check the kitchen and electrical outlets before going to bed; Do not throw cigarette butts just anywhere; Do not smoke while in bed.

“Save the contact numbers of the fire stations nearest your home or office and be alert when an (fire) emergency arises,” he said.

Next month, the Fire Prevention Month of March, we will have many activities to make people more aware on fire prevention, but fire safety is a year-round awareness campaign. (Arman P. Toga, NDB)

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