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Beloria: ‘I’m No Drug Protector’

A prominent lawyer in Bacolod City yesterday vehemently denied he is a “drug protector.”

Lawyer Cesar Beloria Jr. was reacting to a list that was circulated and sent to the local media late last week, naming several personalities as “drug protectors.”

The list which was originally sent to a local radio station by a certain “Macario Dima” named 24 personalities. It has a title, “Drug protectors list, subject for neutralization, 2019 validated Narco list.”

In the list are names of a party-list representative, two incumbent mayors in Negros Occidental, one incumbent vice mayor, four incumbent councilors in two neighboring cities, five lawyers, four radio personalities, six police officers, and a private lawyer.

“I felt both funny and angry knowing I was included in that list. That is farthest from the truth. That is something wrong,” Beloria said.

He said his wife expressed fear over his name’s inclusion.

“Who would not feel fear since the list indicates that the names are subject to neutralization. Does it mean that they will kill me?,” he said.

Beloria said he has no idea if the list “is a serious list or was concocted by someone or some persons.”

Sadly, it included two personalities who are already dead, he said, adding that it came from “a fake account and did not come from an investigation of the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or the Department of Interior and Local Government.”

“I believe this is designed to malign somebody against their perceived enemies and they just included our names there. But, it is unfair,” he said.

Asked if there is any motive behind the list, Beloria said, “it may be political because it is political season.”

“It may also be due to my engagements in some cases, or they heard me during my media interviews,” he pointed out.

Beloria said he opted to come out in public to react, “because it has now become a trend that anybody can just make a list, kill you and make you a collateral damage in the government’s war on drugs.”

“This is not good for Bacolod where even in politics has not resulted into bloody killings,” he pointed out.

Beloria said that some of those in the list have called him up and they are planning to have it investigated by the NBI, PNP and experts on information technology so that the source can be tracked down.

He also assured his family and friends that the allegation of the list against him is “not true.”* (NDB)

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