Bacolod eyes new body to implement traffic master plan

Bacolod eyes new body to implement traffic master plan

by RPN News

The city government here will form a policy-making body for the implementation of the local traffic master plan crafted by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

“Our direction is to strengthen our traffic management system. We will create a body that is for policy-making that can also oversee and monitor the function and performance of traffic enforcers,” the mayor said in a press briefing recently.

Late last month, Leonardia received from MMDA chairman Danilo Lim two volumes of the traffic master plan, which included recommendations on how to improve the city’s traffic system.

“We are now in the process of reviewing, studying the recommendations to find out what we can afford for now, and we will implement it first,” he said.

The mayor added that one of the priorities is further training of traffic enforcers under the MMDA to upgrade their competence.

Leonardia said the crafting of the traffic master plan is a giant leap towards achieving the vision of Bacolod to improve its traffic management system.

One recommendation is the establishment of a new and modern traffic signalization system that can “talk to each other.”

In Bacolod, five out of 36 intersections have been signalized in 2018, with the rest to be installed in the remaining 31 intersections by 2020. Such system includes traffic lights for motorists and pedestrians, pavement markings and signage, closed-circuit television monitors, and a command center.

Another recommendation is the passage of an ordinance increasing the fines against traffic violators as well as education and training, and capacity-building for Bacolod Traffic Authority Office enforcers.

Leonardia said that commissioning a traffic master plan could cost millions if done by private groups, but MMDA is assisting Bacolod for free.

“Given the complexities of a growing city, traffic becomes an inevitable epidemic, but in spite of this, we will still try everything possible to have it well-managed,” the mayor added. (Nanette Guadalquiver pna via ndb)

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