Applications for building, zoning permits increase in Davao City

Applications for building, zoning permits increase in Davao City

by RPN News

Davao City – The Office of the Davao City Planning and Development Coordinator is swarmed by applicants for locational clearance, zoning, building and other permits with at least 500 applications submitted on a weekly basis.

The increase in applications is an indication of Davao City’s booming construction industry and infrastructure development, the city noted.

Assistant City Planning and Development Coordinator Roy Ryan Rigor said the influx of permit applicants on a weekly basis is very high, causing delays in the issuances of permits.

Rigor said the issuance of some permits, such as for locational applications, needed actual surveys by their personnel and this contributed to the delay.

“There are really too many applications that we receive and it is not only limited to the zoning permits, but there are also a lot more,” he said.

He also underscored submission of incomplete sets of requirements that further slows down the process of issuing the permits.

“There are some clients whose documents have discrepancies, and that causes the delay in the issuance of the permit. Another example is when the area needs to be reclassified and that needs the approval of the city council first,” Rigor said.

Given this development, Rigor reminded the public to check their documents first before going to their office to make sure these are sufficient to make the transactions faster. CIO

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